Growth Consulting

Our Proven Iterative Process For
Conquering Your Sales 


The #1 mistake we see with owners is having no idea the time it takes to get profitable with numbers and financial goals. This projection of profitability is important at the current stage to help see if a business got something wrong. This helps us determine whether it's a product, sales, or marketing issue. We then will see whether the pricing sustains a profitable business. We have a business forecasting tool, to run a discounted future cash flow (DCF) model. It can help estimate the point at which owners can get profitable and reach the desired state faster. The model is helpful to determine your best ticket price, ad budgets, comparing two offers, .. etc using your metrics like a landing page or funnel conversion, salaries, lead to customer, .. etc. The goal is to know how soon you’ll get profitable or if you got something wrong going on, and/or other factors based on the metrics you have set as a business owner, we also assume other typical industry standard assumptions.

1. Modeling & Price Validation

2. Messaging & Sales Argument

The #2 mistake we see with owners is trying to build a team with poor sales foundations with no modeling/price validation done previously. Two keys to a solid foundation? 1) Messaging 2) Sales Argument. Messaging means a validated offer and repeatable sales process. A winning Sales Argument is what separates the “nice to have” products and services from the rockstars. This is what attracts A-Players and makes it possible for your sales team to WIN big. This helps us build a sales letter that has a strong core sales argument. It should be compelling enough to drive a cold prospect to action. It communicates the claim, the unique value prop, the mechanism, the price, the points of difference, etc..

3. Funnel Building & Testing

The #3 mistake we see with most owners, is having a bad representation of their solutions with no messaging and sales argument developed previously. For example, most entrepreneurs end up talking about features and specs without talking about OUTCOMES, and the result is that no one is paying attention to them, and they can't convert leads. It's time to craft the message and sales letter that we've just developed and make it real on your funnel. A proven wireframe will be used to build the funnel with all elements that align with your niche. The goal of this step is to validate our message and check the numbers we've got.

4. Validate Sales - Script and Closing

Once you have opportunities flying because your model is validated (Step #1) and assets are so strong (Steps #2 to #3), we need to test the offer to make sure you are actually generating revenue and customers.  If you are selling over the phone, we will help you develop a high-converting sales script using our templates and expertise. If you are selling using an automated funnel, we will help you develop the automated sequence such that you can drive conversions. In this step, it’s common that the pricing and features are tweaked to align better to the market’s desires. We will help you iterate your offer and your price such that you will be able to close at least 20% of demos at a price that sustains the profitable business model. 


If you are unable to get sales at a price that sustains a profitable business, we will need to go back and iterate either the message, the price, or the product/service. This can take a few months, but this is the quickest way to validate the profitable business model. 

5. Scale Marketing

The next step is to scale paid traffic. This is the biggest lever in the whole business since these paid channels allow you to reach millions of people instantaneously simply by spending money. We will show you the ins and outs of Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube Ads, and the Google Display network and search.  We are going to be seeking a cash on cash return of at least 20%, which means that for every $1 you spend, you want at least $1.20 back within 30-60 days. You want a cash-on-cash return of at least 400% over a 12 month period. We will be working with you to achieve these returns. 

6a. Scale Sales - Recruiting & Hiring

Scaling With An Inside Sales Team. Once marketing is solved, we need to scale up conversion. We do this with a sales team. Hiring with a system instead of hoping your newly hired sales team will figure it out or build it for you is the secret to avoiding poor sales results and maintaining high employee retention. We help you build out the entire sales and recruiting process to vet top-tier potential recruits for you before you even interview them. Then we help you build out a candidate assembly line by developing your own pipeline of potential candidates (and keep it flowing 24/7). We will help you hire, ramp, train, and manage these reps. The goal is to ramp your reps to at least $1M per year per rep in 2 months or less.

6b. Ramp Up Training

The other mistake we see is that most companies just don’t know how to on-ramp sales reps effectively, profitably, and quickly. The dreaded “ramp-time” otherwise known as how long it takes a new team member to go from zero to actually making money.The opportunity cost of having someone stuck in sales purgatory is huge and is sadly “the norm” for most companies today. Our process downloads everything you need to know from what — blueprinted directly from what we learned growing a team of 5 to 75 in just 14 short months.

7. Tuning - Systems & Management

We’ll not only build out the management systems and processes, we’ll also show you or your team the secrets of managing a highly profitable and successful sales team. Morning kick-offs, end-of-day check-ins, tracking dashboards, call listening, etc. 


Tracking and Reporting - once the sales team is built and marketing is flooding the funnel, we will need to watch metrics like a hawk to make sure the machine remains profitable at scale. With more moving parts and more volume, efficiency will drop. Without proper tracking and tweaking, the machine can spin out of control. 


During this phase we will be helping you get really square on your economics, tweak features or even rebuild features to handle the increase in volume, dial in the customer success process so that you can manage volume, install managers, and craft renewal offers. We use this sheet to make sure that our machine is making money. We also help you install metric dashboards like Chartmogul or Baremetrics so you can track cash and revenue against lead source, rep, and campaign content. This will allow you to effectively allocate resources.