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Marketing And Sales Process Optimizations For Service Businesses

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Turn Into a Profitable Business With a Dynamic Sales Letter - A Protocol For A Strong Unit Economics

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Taking A  Business To The Next Level Through Messaging, Sales Argument, And Scaling A Sales Team.

Reduce the time it takes to acquire a customer and figure out the time it takes to get profitable, to avoid having very low sales, low team performance, weak messaging, .. etc resulting in financial losses.


It's time to figure this out and strengthen important aspects of your business, through modeling, writing a sales letter, sales & marketing validation, messaging, and scale through the sales teams following a proven protocol.


Founders now can build a compelling landing page through our growth consulting service. Founders can figure out the most profitable way through business modeling and making future projections using the business's current metrics and build from there.


Founders are not professional marketers and salespeople. We are the only growth consultants solely focused on solving the business unit case through copy, iterations, sources, and numbers.

A 1.0% Change On Funnel Conversion Rate Or On An Ad Copy Can Make An Equity Change Of Millions In The Long Run! 

Who This Is For? 

You are a founder who is running out of time to get profitable or feels you lose time and money on current strategies. have a small team, and didn't craft the right message that converts. Or you're looking for growth because you're struggling with product development, product validation, marketing resonance, marketing validation, messaging, sales process, sales validation, or a small team that doesn't get better.

This is for: Entrepreneurs, Startup Business Owners, Founders, Established Business Owners, Coaches, And more ...

Our Core Thesis

Entrepreneurs fail not only because they can't build products, identify markets, market their products, or price their products effectively, but also because they conduct these activities in the wrong order and they run out of time and money before they achieve meaningful traction.


SaaS, Service Businesses, High-ticket Services, Self-directed ServicesBusiness Consulting Services, Coaching Services, Financial Services, Agencies, More ...

Here's What Is Going To Happen When We Engage:

Product, Marketing, and Sales Validation:

  • You'll be able to not only value a business but to make a business by modeling your metrics and checking profit against time. (numbers don't lie)

  • You'll be able to control two metrics, the time it takes to sell and the time it takes to market.

  • You'll be able to validate your current offer and pricing and see how close it is to the desired state against time.

  • You will be able to build or improve your headline and bangers through a sales letter that converts. resulting higher funnel conversion rate.

  • We will help you build a landing page that converts.

  • You can finally get rid of outsourcing.

  • You'll be able to increase sales in a few weeks through a few iteration processes.

  • You'll be able to hire/ramp your sales team by weekly calls. (you bring, we train).

  • You can forget about asking agencies all the time.

  • You will feel confident because you're using "the power from the inside" of your team, there's no one that can deliver your idea than you.

  • You'll be able to scale fast using a proven commission-only remote sales team strategy.

Sales Team & Growth:

  • Exact Roadmap to creating a commission-only sales team.

  • You'll be able to build your commission-only appointment setting team in under 14 days.

  • You'll be able to set up commission structures.

  • You will be able to reduce the time it takes to market through powerful outbound prospecting tactics and scripts.

  • You will be able to reduce the "time it takes to sell" by qualifying and handling objections.

  • Your team will be able to target the right prospects through cold emailing & cold calling.

  • You'll be able to fill their calendars and start booking quality sales meetings IMMEDIATELY without spending a single dollar on ads.

  • You'll be able to make your commission-only model capital efficient.

  • Your team will talk to prospects and clients more professionally.


Profit Mastery is created by Aziz Meshal with a track record and knowledge of successful business sales and marketing. Aziz worked under the supervision of top engineers and sales professionals.

Aziz Meshal

Founder at ProfitMastery.io/Growth Consultant

photo-output 3.JPG

- Holding Masters in ME Engineering from University of Missouri - Kansas City.

- Trained and supported by Nick Kozmin, who created an enterprise value of $1B+.

- Worked as a Growth Consultant/Engineer at Salesprocess.io.

- Worked as a Project Engineer in multiple industries.

- Top performer, tester, and sales generator.

Thesis Steps

An iterative process to build an offer the right way. Product, sales, and marketing on a trial and error process until a strong unit case is built. This helps owners make sure they're on the right track every step of the way and ready to raise without risks:

1. Modeling

The Old Way

- Founders start without modeling their business based on the ticket price and start without validating business profitability business resulting in an unknown model that may not sustain a profitable business.


- Founders don't know the future results of their current metrics.

The New Way

- Founders can model their business by setting up most price the market can pay for, prove the model and the earliest time to get profitable resulting in a well-known business model and a plan. Founders can validate current pricing and sales performance against time.


- Founders get a an estimate of equity and the times it takes to get profitable and create a Discounted Future Cash Flow using their current business metrics.

2. Funnel Building

The Old Way

Founders outsource other marketing agencies to build the funnel WITHOUT a strong copywriting that converts more leads. No strong sales argument, sales letter, or VSL from the founder's deep domain expertise results in a low funnel conversion rate. (avg. 1.5% or below)

The New Way

Founders can develop or improve funnel and increase conversion rate by writing a compelling sales letter, strong argument, and VSL, WITH the founder's deep domain expertise, resulting in a higher funnel conversion rate. (avg. 2.0% or above)

3. Packing The Calendar

4. Validate Sales

The Old Way

Founders validate products on the wrong order by spending a lot on ads of a funnel that doesn't convert prospects resulting in losses in time without packing the calendar with qualified prospects

The New Way

Founders develop and validate the business argument through an iterative process of testing the core sales argument and messaging on prospecting and/or small ad spending. Strong sales argument and assets will reduce the time to market resulting in more bookings into the calendar.

The Old Way

Founders have a weak sales team and script that take a long time to sell an offer, not able to train, track or make decisions resulting in a low profit and long sales cycles.

The New Way

Founders have a strong developed sales script derived from the sales letter, and a well-trained closer on a risk-free model, resulting in a very short (time to sell) and a shorter sales cycle.

5. Scale Marketing

The Old Way

- Founders take the decision to make this step to be the first hoping for more calls to be booked.


- Founders don't derive marketing from a sales letter and outsource marketing via agencies.

The New Way

Founders already have a validated business model and can tune the machine on marketing via paid ads to start closing by the inbound team. Marketing to be derived from the developed and tested sales letter. A validated sales and iterations on the funnel conversion rate of the sales team will take marketing to success.

6. Scale Sales

The Old Way

- Founders pay a lot on monthly basis to hire or replace salespeople and they found most aren't qualified enough to bring sales or they don't maintain performance resulting in losses on unqualified sales reps.


- Founders pay hiring agencies to replace candidates resulting in a long time to maintain sales and losses.

The New Way

- Founders can hire sales team on a risk-free model, be able to let experienced people train them on the sales scripts resulting in a more efficient way of increasing sales.


- Founders are be able to manage, track, and save while maintaining sales team performance along the way.

7. Tuning

The Old Way

Founders wait for any problem they might face and they're responsible for the consequences of losses. Usually have no idea what to do to maintain the average sales.

The New Way

Founders will have a clear idea what to do once they face any issue along the way following the protocol's structure.

Why You Don't Need Marketing Agencies? Why You Need To Ask Professional Growth Consultants Instead?

The agency model is fundamentally flawed in that the more "successful" the agency is (the more customers they bring on), the less likely their customers will experience great results! due to bandwidth limits. An agency might be able to get you a quick bump in results, but they are playing the game of “not losing you” instead of “delivering more returns”. 


The more customers they bring on, the less attention they can give to each customer, eventually the results converge to 0, just by nature of the business.


The agency is incentivized to "not lose the customer" instead of "making the customer money". We understand this and teach our customers "how to fish" on the accelerator program. 


Not only does this work better in the long term, but it also works better in the short term since the copy that a marketing agency writes usually doesn't work anyway! 


Agencies can help you with quick page building, ad monitoring, tracking, and scaling budgets, but they won't be able to build the funnel for you that actually converts - simply because they don't have the domain expertise necessary to write compelling copy in your industry. 


Agency account reps often service multiple customers simultaneously and their bandwidth is spread spin which results in less attention on your particular campaign.


Agencies usually leave some critical marketing resonance that they can add to your business if they spend the time, but they prefer to have you again in future for bigger projects.


We can build/edit/optimize your web page such that you don't need to optimize it anymore for long time unless if you need to make some updates.


We also believe that marketing can't be successful without a strong sales process and vice versa, that's why we have built this accelerator program..

It's Your Fault, It's Because Of Bad Resources You Use, Bad Hiring Of Marketers, Or Spending A Lot On Outsourcing. Yes, That's The Hard Way. If you Don't Know Where The Pain Is, It's Time To Make Some Change.

Due to high quality standards we only take a limited number of 5-10 clients to the session per month. Save your Spot!